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The Zotmeister

solving the puzzle of life one entry at a time

Adam R. Wood
22 April 1976
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  • am Adam R. "the Zotmeister" Wood (the "R." stands for Ryan)

  • am a heterosexual male (for better or worse)

  • was born Earth Day (April 22), 1976, at 2:55 PM EDT

  • have one (younger) brother

  • don't remember my blood type

  • am overweight but on the decline

  • have a soul of earth, spirit of air personality

  • have not lost my virginity

  • have had only one girlfriend, and not for long at that

  • don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs... I play video games, which I think is far superior an addiction than any of those other ones (yes, I am that guy)

  • have not told a lie (outside a game) in over eight years

  • carry the membership card that's just as valuable after it expires - MENSA (I dropped out due to the ProxyQuest idiocy)

  • am a relatively severe kosmemophobe (fears jewelry)

  • find Pantene commercials to be my greatest turn-on

  • find Men at Arms by Terry Pratchett to be my favorite book

  • find The Adventures of Baron Munchausen by Terry Gilliam to be my favorite movie

  • value time more than money, friendship more than love, and logic more than passion - not that I dislike any of the latters

  • am currently technically employed by a Navy contractor, but have no actual work

  • desire to be a professional game designer (both electronic and non-)
  • am a former puzzle designer and contest administrator for Sanctum

  • have had puzzles of my creation published in the last three United States Puzzle Championships, one of which has been printed in GAMES World of Puzzles

  • own a pile of puzzle magazines and a shelf of Nikoli books

  • own more television on DVD than movies on DVD (and someday I may even finish watching it all)

  • have never missed the Funspot Annual Classic Video Game and Pinball Tournament (eleven years now)

  • have a sizable collection of non-electronic games affectionately known as The Vault (and someday I may even get to play them all)

  • have a vast quantity of video games - over 500 titles spread among a dozen or so consoles, and that doesn't count any PC games (and someday I may even get around to experiencing each of them)

  • usually play the female characters in games (barring kosmemophobic reactions)

  • took a video game idea I had years ago and started a novel based on it (which I'm seriously neglecting, sadly)

  • still entertain Zotanna Terran, a character featured in that game design/novel, as the traveler she is, frequently placing her in games I play and stories/puzzles I create as a character - several members of the Sanctum mailing list were apparently convinced she was a real person for awhile (not that she isn't trying to become one); have several other fictional consorts as well

  • find Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (PS2) to be my favorite all-things-considered video game

  • am currently trying to hardcore Disgaea (best ending, first cycle, no continuing from Game Over, no repeated maps, only the necessary Item World trip and no others, and NO DARK ASSEMBLY [no creating characters, no increasing the shops' product rank, no claiming Longinus]) - I'm telling you, it's POSSIBLE

  • find Butasan to be my favorite arcade game

  • find Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares to be my favorite PC game

  • find Planescape: Torment to be my favorite PC roleplaying title

  • find Frostbite (Atari 2600) to be my favorite classic-console game (or The Guardian Legend if you count the NES as "classic")

  • find myself compelled to mention the Jagged Alliance series when I'm mentioning other games

  • am addicted to tactical roleplaying; have probably spent over two thousand hours total playing Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgaea, and Jagged Alliance

  • held the TGTS record for arcade Quartet at 988,300, now second place

  • hold the TGTS record for Sega Saturn Guardian Heroes fastest completion on Hard at 54:45

  • hold a few Twin Galaxies MAME records (7 at last count)

  • am currently a Senior Referee with Twin Galaxies, in charge of the Xbox Live Arcade platforms

  • have a vast quantity of Shadowfist cards and play the game regularly

  • have recently started playing Magic: The Gathering again, and how (M10 being a big part of my desire to return)

  • have absolutely nothing to hide♥

  • am capable of spending vast amounts of time in self-reflection when avoiding work!

  • I frequently solicit emails from my readers for puzzles and contests, and have been known to provide prizes. My official privacy policy: I will not share any addresses sent to me - physical or email - with ANY third party not used for the transaction for ANY reason whatsoever, barring a court order. I also note that I do not want or ask for physical addresses from anyone under the age of 13 years.

    All journal contents originating from me, including images and their contents as appropriate (such as the puzzles I've composed) are copyrighted 2004-8 Adam R. Wood. Duplication without permission is expressly prohibited. It's not that tough to ask, you know. Of course, linking to my journal or any of its articles is perfectly legal and expressly permitted. Any articles tagged as "fiction" are works of fiction; any similarity between them and real people or events is either unintentional or satirical in intent. - ZM

    [Bio last updated 2009-10-05]