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Adam R. Wood


It occurred to me that quite a few people out there are very defensive about giving out their email address. Although I have been perfectly strict with the few physical addresses I've received, and made that policy clear to all those who have sent me their own, I have said nothing about email addresses. In fact, I even stated that I could make the email address of my first contest entrants public after the contest ended! Well, that is not my intent, I have not done that, and I have even gone back and edited my contest entry rules to deny myself the right to do that - not that it's legally binding, since it isn't the rules entrants had when they entered, but I am promising now that I will not share those addresses in the future with anyone for any reason, barring a court order. The only third party to see any of the email addresses involved was PayPal, which of course would need to know the winner's email address to enact the transaction and probably knew it already.

I have added my official privacy policy to my bio page. I consider it retroactive to my very first puzzle. It has never been violated. The only person's rights restricted by the policy are my own, as it should be. If anyone feels my policy is insufficient for whatever reason, feel free to comment about it here - anonymously, if you wish, since I couldn't bring myself to disable that - or email me privately if that is your preference (although there is a certain irony to that).

I should have another puzzle here this week; as fourteen is my favorite number, I've been holding out to make my fourteenth puzzle an original design I'm still ironing out. Perhaps you've been anticipating it, perhaps you've been fearing it, perhaps you have no bloody clue what I'm talking about, but it was surely inevitable: Zotanna Terran is here. Surprise - she's not alone.... - ZM
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