Adam R. Wood (zotmeister) wrote,
Adam R. Wood

Puzzle 10: The One Ring

See Puzzle 3 for instructions. Cute, aesthetic, simple, amusing endgame - I made this some time ago and have been holding it for when I'd like to put something fast up. It seems some solvers have been tormenting themselves a bit lately; although I prefer to try to make these puzzles difficult, the occasional short-and-sweet teaser is fine, especially when it's pleasing to my eye like this one. Don't expect this to be too common, though - I have a reputation to develop♥

As always, make comments about the puzzle itself here in my LiveJournal, and email me your solution when you solve it. I'm always interested to find and hear from new solvers, no matter how long ago I posted the puzzle. - ZM

Tags: puzzles, ring
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