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An ambigram is an image depicting writing stylized in such a manner as to be readable in a different manner. The classic ambigram has rotational symmetry, so that it appears identical - and is therefore equally readable - when turned upside-down, such as on the backs of Bicycle Enigma playing cards (which irritatingly I don't own any of... yet). Fellow USPC puzzlesmith Scott Kim has a whole page of these "inversions", being probably the greatest popularizer of the art form.

When cyrebjr recently asked me if I'd commission em to have an ambigram made, I wasn't interested... but e did get me curious to see if I had any skill at making them myself, as I'd love to be able to have a version of 'Zotmeister' or 'The Zotmeister' that would be suitable for the back of a playing card. What occurred to me was that a mirror image would be much easier than a rotation, and it didn't take long at all to come up with what now graces the top of my journal pages (formatting the image itself took FAR longer than the design!).

Curiously, my LJ friends page also shows the image, and my DW reading page does not. I have no idea why. Not that I care much either way. - ZM

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