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"Excuse our dust"

As usual, my ability to do two-and-a-half things at once is being overloaded here, as I'm trying to get Dreamwidth to behave like LiveJournal in the most important ways (so far I've gotten the style for my entries and non-style for comment pages working, but entry previews aren't following suit), get my puzzles back up here (Scrapbook really is a torture - I hope DW does this right sometime soon), and transition my email address dependencies. It's slow going, to say the least.

Thank sanity for being able to escape to the Zen of Dark Souls. (JOLLY co-operation!) This could drive me nuts otherwise.

Needless to say, new content is on hiatus until I can get all the content I thought I already had squared away actually squared away. You're not even getting an ObTeaser this time, since the one I gave out two entries ago went unattempted. (Feel free to remedy this. Yes, there's an extra hurdle now - I'm getting to that - but maybe I'll make it worth your while.) But for the record, this is what I'm planning on unloading once all this is dealt with:

  • First and foremost, I'll get up to Puzzle 67. That's thirteen more. (Admittedly, eight of those will have been published other places first, but still.) And that's just the first four days.

  • Twenty/Zero's long-delayed third episode will finally be revealed. Two more fonts will be added to the collection for it, which means there'll be two new principal characters...

  • I have a couple simple game designs I've been meaning to share. It'll start with a poker variant I (surprisingly) haven't seen anywhere else, along with a fancy mathematical justification for discussion of it; more uses for standard playing cards will follow.

  • Now that I'm employed, the giving out of prizes can resume. I still won't be soliciting solutions for my numbered puzzles, but I have several ideas for contests...

  • A few surprises, some of which may or may not be related to various secret projects I'm working on.

For the record, the extra spacing in bulleted lists DW throws in on comment pages (and my entry previews, given their current state of brokenness...) sort of bothers me. That's just one small element of the grand competition, though. LJ and DW may not be aware of it, but they are actually in a race with each other right now, the finish line being making sense, and the prize (if it could be called that) is the title of "Official Home of The Zotmeister's Journal". At some point, I will likely cull one instance of my journal and simply roll with the other; but for the time being, I'm going to be taking the crossposting approach to keeping both journals synchronized. That can apparently only be done in the DW-to-LJ direction at present, and OpenID only works in the opposite direction at present as well (talk about harmonious deficiencies!), so - in the interest of keeping comments consolidated, admittedly at the risk of being a tad obnoxious - I'm henceforth disabling comments on LJ entries; you'll have to comment at DW instead. It's literally the only way. LJ viewers will see a footer below, which unfortunately links directly to the DW comment page rather than the entry page itself - something I really wish could be remedied...

Anyone with issues regarding any of this can email me directly at my old address (if you have it) or my new one (on my profile) if need be. [Those well versed in the likes of S2 may be able to greatly accelerate this whole process.] I'll continue to keep everyone updated. - ZM

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