Adam R. Wood (zotmeister) wrote,
Adam R. Wood

Writer's Block: Out of this world

What would you name a new planet?
It appears I'll be the first to suggest the Roman name of a deity for this purpose. You know, like our other planets? (Except Uranus, of course, which was too ancient a Greek deity to acquire a Roman name.) It would only be appropriate for a new (?) planet in our star system, which of course would be the result of consolidation of the asteroid belt into a habitable world. Okay, so maybe I've played too much Master of Orion II, but that's what I'm thinking, and that's why I'm answering that the only appropriate name for a forged planet orbiting Sol would be Vulcan. [Any Trekkies that have issue with this can take back their three cents and go to Hell.] - ZM
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