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This year's Funspot Classic Video Game and Pinball Tournament will take place June 2-5, and I am again in the process of attempting to get a group to attend. This time, however, it appears that I may just succeed. To that end, I will actually be seeking proper accommodations this time around. There is a place called Sun Valley Cottages within walking distance of the arcade that comes highly recommended, and that is typically packed with gamers during the tourney weekend. Last time I checked, they still had 5-person cottages available, and I intend to reserve one. The cost, assuming it will be split five ways, is $25 per day, for a total of $100. Add in the tourney fee, extra tokens, food, and perhaps some bowling and/or mini-golf, and we're still talking less than $200 for the whole weekend.

If you don't know what Funspot is, well... you obviously don't know me very well, given how frequently I rant about it. Funspot is the second-largest video arcade in the country and the world's largest collection of classic (1987 and earlier) arcade video games. They have held a tournament - a gathering of the best players in the country - every year for the last six. I've yet to miss it. Walking the aisles of Funspot is like walking through a museum... where you can touch the exhibits. This year is shaping up to be one of the largest gatherings they've yet had, with numerous masters of the field announcing they'll be there for the first time. Half the fun of the tourney is just being able to meet these wonderful people, talk about games with them, and watch them practice their art. Of course, the other half is playing all the games the Funspot has to offer. During the tournament, a large chunk of the classics floor is portioned off for tourney entrants only, giving players a lot of elbow room. It doesn't matter whether you're there to seriously compete or not - it's a grand time.

Logistical concerns: I will likely need to work some hours on Wednesday, June 1, but that is definitely the day I intend to head up. I'd like to gather together everyone who is going at my place on that day at around 3 PM; we should be at Sun Valley by 7 at the latest, which should be enough time to check in, get settled, determine sleeping arrangements (I call dibs on the bed) and still head to Funspot for an hour or two for tourney signups and acclimation.

I have myself, one other "definite", one "probably", and one "maybe" at this time. I'm hoping that the "probably" becomes a "definite" by the end of this weekend; if it does, or if another presents itself, then I'll go ahead and make the reservation, something that I can't risk putting off much longer.

Any general questions about the Funspot or the tourney can be asked here in a comment; any question regarding my travel group, such as "How do I join it?", should be directly emailed to me. My email address is on my info page. - ZM
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