Adam R. Wood (zotmeister) wrote,
Adam R. Wood


Once upon a time, I could use a span tag to give comment text a color. This was actually used quite a bit - and quite usefully - as a spoiler covering for comments to Detritus, the white text on the white background not being visible until highlighted. I just noticed that that text is no longer showing white, and is instantly readable. I went to edit one of my comments, and I found that the HTML is still there, and even previewing the edit shows the text properly as white. It's only on the actual page that the coloration is being discarded somehow. Is anyone else seeing the same thing I am, and if so, have you any ideas as to why? If it's something I could fix, I'd like to fix it.

For the record, I've tried deleting my recent journal style edits and even trying a completely different style, but none of that fixed it. I even tried a test post to someone else's journal, and saw the same behavior - is this something LiveJournal themselves broke at some point? Any insights would be appreciated. - ZM
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