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Okay, not today, apparently - I managed to break the blasted thing near the end, and even if I got it fixed before midnight, I won't get it digitized and uploaded before then, that much is certain. My apologies for the delay, and hopefully Puzzle 50: Quantum Quadrum Quandary will be worth the wait.

What I will do now is reveal something I was planning to reveal with the puzzle: my intent to reach Puzzle 100 by Earth Day! I actually have a nice little backlog of puzzles built up, which were waiting for me to instantiate my Puzzle-50 idea; with that out of the way, I should be able to generate a steady flow from there. I also have a few changes planned for this journal (not the least of which is frequency of entries...), and one in particular I'll be asking for opinions on, but that can wait until tomorrow. (Don't worry, fiction fans, non-puzzle creative content is NOT going away any time soon - the third chapter of Twenty/Zero is percolating, and I have a few other surprises brewing...) - ZM
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