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I'm curious if anybody reading this weblog recognizes the following sequence. Actually, I'm curious if anybody's even still reading this weblog, but I digress:

23, 46, 824, 315

Those are the only four elements, and their order is fixed. Googling the sequence alone won't give you the answer any time soon - I checked. I only learned this sequence recently, but committed it to memory very quickly. I really should have learned it long ago. Chances are that if you don't know its significance, you won't be able to guess it, but post a comment and try anyhow - the rest of us may find it amusing. I'm going on travel for the next five days, but on Monday I'll reveal the answer (if no one else did) and respond to however many comments this pathetically-thinly-veiled quorum call has generated. You may also want to note what - if anything - you'd like to see more of here. It's still my blog, but I have lots of material to unload here and I wouldn't mind some guidance as to what order to do it in. - ZM
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