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There is no knowledge that is not power. This is evident if you've ever had something spoiled for you - regardless of the societal triviality of the information, you feel the power as it proverbially smacks you upside the head. It hurts, and it makes you MAD.

It hurts the most when you have yourself to blame.

My Hidato calendar challenged me to anagram 'her state ew' into a "February word". Somehow, that just didn't click with me, and I came up with a disturbing number of two-word anagrams without hitting upon the one-word answer: 'weather set', 'the sweater', 'sweat there', 'tweet share', 'west reheat', 'stew heater'(!), 'hatter ewes'(?), 'tether awes'(?!)... for some reason it never came together, but I never gave up. The page was set aside in one of my many piles of "stuff to return to in the near future".

I saw the answer entirely accidentally when I was snatching a random piece of paper from one of those stacks to take a note on; and as luck would have it, it just happened to be the following page from the calendar.

Now, human beings can theoretically forget little things like this, and I technically could bury this puzzle in a "stuff to return to eventually" pile, but I'm pretty sure it would be pointless, because once my mind makes a mental connection to a song, it doesn't budge, and the instant I saw the answer, Franke and the Knockouts started playing in my head.

Curse you, Franke and the Knockouts!! ...Or something. - ZM
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