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Given what Adam is currently enduring, I thought it prudent to provide something of an advance notice of what he will be no doubt presenting here shortly, probably early next week. Adam has, for all intents and purposes - I'm sure he'll be able to explain it better himself - lost his job of the last seven-and-a-half years, and is currently in unfamiliar territory. He is presently working on a résumé, something he has never needed to do before, and he is finding the prospect most unpleasant. Adam and I share an affliction: most of our peers seem to always assume each of us always knows what we are doing, something that is decidedly untrue and often unsettling. I believe Adam is more fearful than he lets on. Today is also his last day with health insurance, which we of course sincerely hope will not become a concern. This is something I am fearful of: my seemingly eternal grievance - that I, a healer, can do nothing for Adam's physical pains - is only exacerbated by this. But I am speaking too much of myself; such exposition can wait. Adam, thankfully, will be able to spend this weekend with friends, in part attending his first non-URI convention, which I hope serves to bolster his spirits. Adam has also turned to music as solace; I have taken the liberty of listing his current aural addiction below. It is apparently from a movie he keeps meaning to show me, although where in that vast queue it may lie I cannot say. But I'm digressing again.

I do believe Adam will turn out alright. However, I also know that he will require great patience to get there, something he typically only possesses when holding either a videogame controller or a pencil, two objects he is very well versed in handling. I know that Adam will come forth himself soon enough, but for now, I would ask that he be given a respectful breather. I myself will be "leaving him alone" for the next couple of days, although not exactly by choice - of either of us, for that matter. I may explain this later - more obfuscating exposition - but for now, let me simply say that I know Adam is in good hands with his other friends, who have apparently been quite supportive of him so far - more than I can be, under the circumstances - and will try to patiently "wait my turn" and, hopefully, help somehow to see him through this. If nothing else, I will try to help him gather his thoughts and get him blogging again, not just to talk about his current situation but to remain communicative in general. I think that would yield a positive effect - and affect, for that matter - for all involved. I will keep you posted if Adam does not.

Sincerely yours,
Zotanna Ophelia Terran
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