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A mechanical engineer, an electrical engineer, and an IT professional are on a road trip together when the car breaks down:
Mechanical engineer: "Let me pop the hood, take a look at the engine, see if I can find anything wrong."
Electrical engineer: "I'll bet it's a wiring problem. Let me check the fuses, look for short circuits..."
IT professional: "Don't either of you know how to fix anything? Let's just get out of the car, wait thirty seconds, get back in, and start it up again. It'll run just fine."

This joke is funny because it's true. Case in point: when I reported two weeks ago that my Xbox 360 is dead, I noted that my HD DVD drive was essentially among the casualties. I tried several combinations of other consoles and cables, and it was nothing but stutter, stutter, stutter. Last night, I had a flash of insight: it occurred to me that I never tried any of those combinations more than once, consecutively. I gave the Japanese console back its Japanese hard drive (as an experimental control, not to mention that I've been suffering from Warriors Orochi withdrawal so I'm planning to play me some Shin Sangoku Musou 4 Special) and the HD DVD drive set-up disk, plugged in the HD DVD drive when requested, and stuck in Backdraft (also an experimental control; I hadn't watched that one yet). As usual, it stuttered. I turned off the console, waited thirty seconds, turned it back on, loaded the movie, and it played just fine. Other movies are running just fine as well. I haven't tried switching hard drives yet, but if I do and it has a problem, I know just how to handle it. - ZM
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