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I know I've been saying I'll be posting here more, replying to more emails, and the like, but right now there's something under my skin that's keeping me from thinking straight:

Xbox 360 ref currently without Xbox 360

The phrase "bites the wax tadpole" isn't sufficiently harsh to describe how disgustingly annoying, and perhaps even heartbreaking, this is to me. Readers of this journal should be well familiar with my track record with telephone service personnel by now; I am NOT looking forward to spending this afternoon getting this dealt with.

One thing not mentioned in that article, since it isn't of importance to Twin Galaxies operations: My HD DVD player doesn't like my Japanese console, either. It installed fine, the movies do come up, and they do attempt to play... but there's a lot of stalling, with discs stopping the video and audio pretty much randomly, halting everything for about two seconds roughly every five seconds on average.

And I just recently picked up some new movies and games I can't play.

Basically, I'm not in a decent mood at all; I'm largely filled with dread, disgust, and perhaps even depression. I promise that more posts and e-mail replies WILL come, but I really need to deal with this first. - ZM
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