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I take privacy concerns very seriously, especially for one who maintains little personal privacy as is. I don't like keeping secrets about myself - you've probably noticed if you've been reading along - but I respect that certain things about a person are up to that person to choose to reveal. I was actually pegged on this recently: my use of the word 'allegedly' two updates ago was challenged, to which I noted that it wasn't my place to say such a thing. By "such a thing", I mean what I alleged, not the word 'allegedly'. If it wasn't revealed by that person publicly - and trying to search es journal didn't turn it up - then I didn't have the right to present it as a fact.

It is perhaps commendable how some attempt to maintain their entire existence secret as far as communication goes. A certain childhood acquaintance of mine [Ineffability] is nowhere to be seen by Google; my name, comparatively, is plastered about the net. [I've never been to UAF, and La Salle's "Adam R. Wood" is just a tombstone, but the rest are mine as of this writing.] Nevertheless, I can't help but think that some take anonymity a little too far:

- I know I said in my last update that I like getting email from strangers. That was largely true - but the intent is so that they become that much less strange. I received an email this afternoon with an extremely unlikely name, saying that I don't know the author from Adam. That's cute and all, but I can't help but wonder - was that a serendipitous stab in the dark, or did I actually solicit that email? I appreciate the pun, but...

- Even worse, I received an unsolicited answering machine message. I figure it must have been for me - the caller asked for "Adam Wood" and mentioned Shadowfist, which is a sure sign e had the right number - but all that was left apart from that was a pair of telephone numbers... no name. Okay class, quick refresher: what's the first thing you say when you try to call someone? That's right - you ask for them by name. What am I expected to do? "Hi, this is Adam R. Wood, are you the obliviot that tried to call me?" BZZZT, sorry, try again. If you, or someone you know, is that ignoramus, how about telling me who that was and what e wanted?

For the record, email is the easiest way to get in contact with me - I greatly prefer turn-based to real-time in my tactical games and my communication; commenting on one of my posts will send me your comment by email, so that works as well. But please, for the love of sanity, tell me who you are! - ZM

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