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Off my arse

Hi. I'm Zotmeister. Remember me? You know, that puzzle guy with the games and the tales and the occasional burst of clever cynicism? Yeah. Well, I'm officially off my arse. All those puzzle answers you've sent me that I haven't responded to yet? Coming up. My turn in SMAC? In the next twenty-four hours. More puzzles? Already built and awaiting queueing. More Twenty/Zero? Half-written. More sorcerers? Services secured. My every-other-week-turned-into-every-other-month posting rate? Try every other day. I have not abandoned this journal. Quite the opposite, in fact: it's permanent now. I might even make the occasional voice post, just because I can. I'm going to make it worth my money, and if you stick around I'll hopefully make it worth your time. - ZM
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