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Puzzle 45: Magnetic Field

See Puzzle 8 for instructions. The largest instances of this variety of puzzle I'd seen before building this one were ten-by-ten grids; those lacking any cells already filled in had fifty dominoes to define. Weighing in at two hundred nineteen dominoes, this may well be a world-record construction, larger than any other instance by a factor of more than four:

As usual, emailing me your solution may result in a gift.

Reports of my having abandoned this journal are entirely false. I've simply been pre-occupied with other creations as of late. In fact, I have some pretty big plans in store for the hopefully-near future. At any rate, I do expect to update more frequently. I feel like I should make up for my four-month absence. My puzzle fans should be happy to know that I have the next four puzzles already composed; my fiction fans (if I have any) should be getting an "episode" or two within the next month. I'm also hoping to provide updates of other natures as well; time will tell.

One slightly off-beat thing I've decided to do: I'm actually going to start filling in that "Music" field on my entries. My two-and-a-half-track mind has a song stuck in it more often than not, and it's often something almost completely random; frequently I have NO idea what made it come to mind. This is one of those times. Consider it a possibly meaningless insight into how my brain functions (if that is the proper word for the operation of its virtual CD changer). - ZM
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