Adam R. Wood (zotmeister) wrote,
Adam R. Wood

Puzzle 43: Polyamory

See Puzzle 25 for instructions. My originally planned Puzzle 43 is postponed due to excruciation. Besides, it freed me up to make this for jdllama's birthday (sorry it's late). It's an easy puzzle, but hopefully still interesting. Assisting slightly in that regard is the presence of non-symbol cells in the grid, an original addition of mine to the design. Note that they're not absences from the grid (they'd be solid black if they were, like the rules state), so they have to belong to blocks; note also that they don't alter the rules any, so they can piggy-back onto any kind of block. Yes, the puzzle still has a unique solution; yes, I could use this mechanism to make a Number Link and call it a Polyamory, something I've been secretly plotting for awhile now. Be afraid. Be very afraid. But I digress:

"Steverino" is an inside joke. I suppose I could explain it, but then it wouldn't be inside anymore. No prizes for this one in the short term, I'm afraid - I'm not exactly rolling in dough at the moment - but send me your solutions anyway and perhaps I'll apply them towards enhancing future rewards. - ZM
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