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Screw it. I really didn't want to go into this - and I really didn't want to make two consecutive bitching entries to this journal - but it has proverbially tunneled under my skin so deep that I feel I have to say something about it. I suppose I'd have a new puzzle posted by now if it weren't for my trying to deal with this, so here's my excuse. I'm not even going to go into last month's affair resulting in why I'll never buy anything from Amazon ever again, as the cause for that is merely retarded, but this is just downright insidious; I'm in no mood to summarize, I'm afraid, so I'll just let you read up:

eBay sits idly by and lets me be a victim, part 1
eBay sits idly by and lets me be a victim, part 2

Forget the fact that I was scammed less than a month before this - I understand that there are ripoff artists out there and that there's only so much eBay can do about them. But this is something staring them in the face, blatantly obvious, that they have full control over and they're just sitting on their hands. Not to mention that if their software was written with common sense, the issue wouldn't even BE here to begin with, but I digress.

I'm really shaken up by this. I am, as I often fear, at the mercy of the inefficient, if not the stupid, and I seem to have no real recourse but to sit, wait, and suffer. This is a contract we're talking about - this is a legal matter. Why eBay should think I'd ever feel comfortable with and trusting of their service after these circumstances is beyond me.

I'll try to get back to puzzlesmithing soon. I certainly want to. But right now, at this moment, I'm having trouble concentrating: when I think of logic, I think of the complete lack of it in how I've been treated lately. - ZM

UPDATE: The bastard just hit me with an Unpaid Item Strike. I am officially done with eBay; as soon as the Hershey Wrappercash promotion is over, I'm closing my eBay account permanently, as it clearly isn't safe. - ZM 2006/9/24 23:44 EDT
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