Adam R. Wood (zotmeister) wrote,
Adam R. Wood


Is it that time again? So soon? That'll teach me. Anyway, Puzzle 45 is soon in reach, and I think I'll keep up the burgeoning tradition: comment here and tell me what variety of puzzle you'd like to see for it. I'll make it extra big and hopefully extra tough. I've done Polyominous and The One Ring for these before, and Totally Rooked and Room Reason just got quize sizeable entries as part of the Puzzle Japan collection, so I'm removing those from the running. Here are all the other puzzle types, linked for your convenience:

Islands in the Stream
Quadrum Quandary
Smullyanic Dynasty
Magnetic Field
Seeking Syren
To Each Their Own
Block Party
Cross Sums
Island Oasis
Ariadne's Lament

Hopefully there's something you like among those sixteen. As before, this is an informal poll; feel free to provide a ranked list or whatever if you can't decide. I will not necessarily bind myself with majority rule, but I will consider all responses. I'll give this about a week; I should be beginning construction next weekend. - ZM
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