December 29th, 2005


Puzzle 24: Smullyanic Dynasty

A quick note: those of you that read my journal strictly through the "puzzles" tag may want to break rank and read yesterday's article; it pertains to all readers of my journal. It's safe, I promise. Links to other articles in that one, however, are followed at your own risk.

See Puzzle 4 for instructions. The recent offering of one of these on glmathgrant's new journal made me realize that I didn't have enough practice with this original design of mine; apparently, all that Heyawake I'd been working on taught me things I could apply here if I translated them correctly. Now that I've made another, I realize I still need more practice. Hmph. Oh well - enjoy this one, and let me know what you think of it, especially if you've solved it; my email address is on my User Info page. I'll get around to reading the email eventually. There may even be something in it for you. - ZM