December 15th, 2004



I am not the sort to typically go reading people's web journals... which is perhaps why I feel I should write one. It's been requested of me to create one, and I admit that it was tempting to have a place to publish my thoughts. Note that I said "thoughts", not "actions". The last thing I want this journal to be is a diary. I don't want to torture anyone with my day-to-day actions. So what am I doing with a LiveJournal? Sharing my insights. So expect me to skip past all the inference and the cute icons and my telling you, say, how long I spent brushing my teeth this morning, and get straight to my personal feelings. I will not hold back my opinions.

Chances are, if you're like most people I've argued with, you won't like what I'll be writing in my journal. I have a very simple solution to that: stop reading it. Perhaps you simply won't believe much of what I write; that's your problem, not mine. But maybe, just maybe, something I say will open someone's proverbial eyes and help them learn something. That may not necessarily be a reason for this journal, but it is a justification of it.

Contrary to popular opinion, I do have friends - not many, but I rather like it that way. The ones I have I know to be good ones. They are clever, honest, and caring, and I like to think I fit that standard as well. People tend to think I'm elitist or snobbish, often before meeting me. I admit my words rarely help matters, but the truth is that I am simply an honest person. A painfully honest person. Blunt, even. I decided years ago that I would never tell a lie outside the context of a game, and I've stuck to it. I haven't counted, but it's pretty close to eight years now, I'm sure. And I've learned that when you refuse to tell a lie, you very quickly learn who really is and is not your friend, especially when you do not hold back the truth. The more one shares their opinions, the more others learn the truth about them - and I believe this is a good thing. I like knowing that those around me can depend on me.

There are many things a journal can be, just as journeys have many possible purposes. This one shall be, well, basically whatever I want it to be. But in the interest of disambiguity, here is some of what to expect:

- Anecdotes. Not the "what I did today" variety, but rather the "this happened at some point and this is why I think it significant" variety.
- Personal snippets. I'm not planning on presenting a biography - at least, not all at once - but you'll be getting bits and pieces as I go along.
- Puzzles. I can't help it. Some may even have prizes associated with them. A warning, though: My IQ has been estimated at over 150, and I intend to make people earn those prizes. I am a True Believer, after all.
- Short fiction. Perhaps even with guest writers. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before Zotanna has some things to present herself.
- Inline comments. Lots of them. Ten so far in this message alone. Collect them all! (Let me know if you are colorblind and cannot see them - I hope I've added enough contrast.)

I'm guessing I'll update the journal roughly biweekly.

I figure the best sort to enjoy what I have to present would be those with logical minds, a love of humor, and a hatred of irony. If those don't apply to you, just ignore them and maybe they'll go away. Otherwise, feel free to leave a comment and introduce yourself. Who knows - maybe I'll find another true friend out there. - ZM