Adam R. Wood (zotmeister) wrote,
Adam R. Wood

Puzzle Japan free for all

Nikoli - ever the puzzle altruists - have done something very special indeed for the final month of their Puzzle Japan web service: opened it to the public free of charge. Just visit the Puzzle Japan login page and use "pj" as both login and password as directed. Their daily puzzles through to the end of the month will be available as they are published, and their entire backlog of time-trial puzzles (typically their hardest) and special problems through the entire history of the site is playable as well for the whole month.

I won't be publishing any new ones myself for awhile - I have about a six-month backlog of Nikoli's to solve that are about to expire! That, and I just bought over seventy new NES games on eBay, which is about a 70% increase in the size of my NES library, so I have a lot of sorting, playtesting, and perhaps some reviewing to do...

I'm done. So what are you waiting for - go solve some puzzles! - ZM
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