Adam R. Wood (zotmeister) wrote,
Adam R. Wood

Puzzle 32: To Each Their Own

See Puzzle 18 for instructions.

In case it weren't immediately obvious, the last puzzle was a joke gift, albeit a rather clever one if I do say so myself. You see, glmathgrant also once said in a comment to one of his puzzles:

I wish somebody would make me a puzzle that spells out MG or something.

Yes, I do like being able to meet requests.

For those who don't know, the 'l' in 'glmathgrant' is for 'labyrinth', hence the other names in the grid below. This is a moderately easy puzzle, but there is maybe one little trick in there. Hey, the Funspot tourney is in less than a week - what do you want from me? Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it, not just the birthday buddy. - ZM

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