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It is my understanding that crappy poetry is a LiveJournal mainstay. I hereby present my own:

Another term
Confusing men;
Reading words
Of plainness, then?
Simple rule
To win the crown:
Initial letters
Coming down!

I've always considered the acrostic a bit of a specialty of mine. I'm not much of a poet, but I'm fairly good at improvising short themed works. The acrostic of 'acrostic' above was written by myself inside of five minutes as a demonstration of its definition. What follows is a haiku I wrote inside of two minutes or so when I saw a series of haiku by another author on the topic of Guilty Gear series characters. I rather like this one, and I've used it as my forums signature ever since:

(dedicated to Millia Rage)

Darkness lessons learned
Avenging golden tresses
Yellow flower blooms

It was a mere coincidence, noticed after I'd written and published it, that it also is an acrostic.

Please address all complaints about the quality of these to the comment page of this post. - ZM
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