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Adam R. Wood

Name review: Wii (Nintendo)

Perhaps you hadn't heard: Nintendo has renamed their upcoming console, previously "Revolution", to "Wii".

Wow - it'd be embarrassing to own one now, as opposed to merely ridiculous.

Nintendo must be hoping that the painfully obvious epithet of just saying the name twice will prove too obvious and too painful to bear frequent repetition. In so doing, they're apparently forgetting this'll be marketed to pre-teens. Or maybe that's what they're going for? Perhaps the next console AFTER the Wii will be the Wii-Wii.

But that pales in comparison to the true horror this segues into. I may as well get it overwith before someone else does it far more tastelessly:

Zotmeister Seal of Approval: OF COURSE NOT! WHAT ARE THEY, HIGH?

Those who (incorrectly, apparently) pronounce the name as "why" aren't much better off; no ludeness, but all the dignity is still drained out, and you're left with one ever-crushing question... There's an Abbott & Costello routine in there. - ZM

EDIT: For further entertainment, research this British perspective from (WARNING: not intended for children).
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