Adam R. Wood (zotmeister) wrote,
Adam R. Wood


My sincerest apologies; suffice it to say that the last month provided me with enough material to make several Torment posts, should I ever bother to share them. I have some puzzles already prepared, am working on another, and also have a number of story ideas roaming around in my mind; I'm hoping to start posting here again in force, "catching up" as it were.

Puzzle 30 is rapidly approaching, and as previously threatened I intend to make a BIG puzzle to occupy that spot - BIG on challenge and BIG on size. However, I really have no preference as to which puzzle design I employ, and so I am once again soliciting comments suggesting which I should use. I did Polyominous last time, but any other type I've presented so far is fair game. Here's a quick cheat-sheet of those:

Islands in the Stream
Quadrum Quandary
The One Ring
Smullyanic Dynasty
Magnetic Field
Seeking Syren
To Each Their Own
Block Party
Room Reason
Cross Sums
Island Oasis

This is an informal poll; vote for as many or as few as you like, and feel free to weight your votes as you wish. I will not necessarily bind myself to the results, but I will take them under advisement. I will likely make my choice and start work on the puzzle next Monday. - ZM
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