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I don't get it.

I just got back my WidowPC hunk-of-junk from servicing, and two things were apparent within fifteen minutes, TOPS, of turning it on:

  • It wasn't tested after it was repaired;

  • It still has a problem.

  • Retards, I swear.

    After plugging it in and powering it on, I was promptly requested to input my Windows Media Center Edition Product Key. You know, the 25-character "Microsoft has my money" code on all their products. If I'm being run through the process of setting up the operating system, then it hasn't been done for me, and that means that THEY HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE WHETHER THE MACHINE RUNS PROPERLY OR NOT.

    Guess what: IT DOESN'T.

    ...Well, technically, so far I haven't had any issues RUNNING it, but I have had a 100% failure rate with REBOOTING it. If I tell it to shut down, it shuts down and then shuts off, without issue; it also starts back up again without issue. But if I tell it to restart, it shuts down the OS, but then stays on... just sitting there... monitor black... power LED on... fans quietly humming... not starting back up again. Minor issue, perhaps, but MAJOR annoyance, especially since this is EXACTLY how it was when it LEFT THE REPAIR SHOP. All it would have taken on their part was ONE person actually setting up the machine to readily notice, after installing just ONE operating system update, that the bloody thing still had a problem. That's all it took me.

    It wasn't doing that before I sent it to them. It was rebooting... it was shutting itself off during the re-startup process, but it did successfully shut down and reboot. This is new. This is something they introduced.

    And they didn't pay for the shipping to send it to them. Useless, I tell you, they're useless.

    It was suggested that the office set up a betting pool on how long it lasts before it completely ceases function again. Right now, odds are on two weeks.

    Did I ever tell you not to buy anything from Well, let me be more explicit about that: never buy anything from Especially laptops.

    And to think I paid them for a two-year warranty extension. Now THAT is quite possibly the singular greatest waste of funds I've ever fallen victim to. Hopefully it will be the last.

    I am NOT happy at the moment.

    Anyone have any wisdom to share with me regarding any of this? Should I be contacting the BBB or a lawyer or something? This is all truly ridiculous. - ZM

    EDIT: Get this: I just discovered that I might not have even gotten the thing at all after it was shipped back to me, because THEY DIDN'T PUT MY NAME ON THE SHIPPING LABEL! It's a good thing that the company I work for was able to figure it out and get it to me.
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