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Adam R. Wood

SMAC PBEM: Anyone want to play The Believers?

Signups have officially ended, and they were smoother than I could have hoped: I have received five signups, making six players including myself, and NONE of us have matching preferred factions. That's right, NONE of us - so we each got the faction we most wanted to play. No contesting, no trips to, no disappointments. Here's the quick who's-playing-who:

  • Gaian: Karl

  • Hive: Carl

  • University: Zotmeister

  • Morgan: avenger314

  • Spartan: Wood

  • Peacekeeper: Jezendar

  • Be sure to mind your spelling for the first two...

    As it turns out, I have no control over turn order. The factions always take their turns in the order I just listed, with the Believers acting between the Spartans and Peacekeepers. Ah well. At least that negates having to plot it out.

    One rule change was requested by a majority of players, and all others have already agreed to it: we will be disabling Blind Research, allowing everyone to select the technologies they research.

    Because of how smoothly that ran, I can move up the start date (if any players won't be able to take a turn until March 1, the originally-announced date, that's not a problem). I also don't mind keeping that one open player slot available for a little longer. Here's what I'll do: If you're willing to play as the Believers with Blind Research disabled, send me a signup email (see previous entry; I only need the name, as the other three portions are now locked) on or before this Saturday EST; first come, first only one served. I said I'd provide a week of pre-game communication, and I'm sticking to that: if I get a Believer signup, I'll distribute email addresses at that point and start the game one week from then; if I don't get that signup before Sunday, I'll delegate the Believers to the AI, distribute email addresses then, and start the game on February 26.

    Wow, we haven't even begun, and already we're ahead of schedule. - ZM

    P.S.: I guess I should be using the extra time to get a puzzle published. In my defense, I didn't say which Wednesday in my last post... but seriously, work has been hectic for me lately.
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