Adam R. Wood (zotmeister) wrote,
Adam R. Wood


If you check my user info page, you'll see that there's a biography there now. It occurred to me that I had a suitable entry on another forum; I adapted it for display here. It will likely be tweaked over time, in small edits, probably coinciding with many of my journal entries. I originally was a bit reluctant to summarize so much, but I now believe that in the long run it'll be easier - it may well serve as a quick reminder of earlier entries or a cheatsheet for newcomers.

It can also serve as a branching point. If there's some tidbit about me you want to see referenced in there or some point you'd like me to expound on, feel free to post a comment about it. Just be warned that you may just get what you asked for - and if there's anything about me any readers should have inferred by now, it's that I don't hold back info here. - ZM
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