Adam R. Wood (zotmeister) wrote,
Adam R. Wood


My personal laptop is still out of commission - I had another crisis involving the DMV to deal with - but it just so happens that my employer has recently swapped my desktop computer for a laptop. Perhaps against my better judgment, I have decided to go ahead and use this work machine for personal email handling until I get the retarded spider resurrected or replaced [Smoke]. This means I will be starting in on the seventy-plus-message backlog I've accumulated since December 15th. The process has been resumed, but don't expect immediate results - that's a lot to deal with.

Since I'm back on active duty, though, I suspect the puzzles I've also been accumulating will start trickling through. I trust glmathgrant has been keeping you busy... I also have an episodic story in the works I hope to launch soon. - ZM
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